Colden’s Vision

A group of children, parents, Governors and Staff all came together to think about our aims and aspirations for our school – those who work and learn in it. We considered how the world is changing so fast that many of the jobs our children will go on to have, do not even exist at the moment. So what skills, knowledge and attitudes did we want our children to develop in order for them to be happy, healthy and successful in the twenty first century? After much discussion, we arrived at the following seven Vision statements:-

1.  At Colden School, children will enjoy and care for their environment.
Children will develop the ability to express themselves and communicate with others
Children will develop empathy and good personal relationships with others
Children will become confident, optimistic, ambitions, and resilient in order that they can make
     a positive contribution to both the local and global community.
Children will gain a life-long love of learning and the skills to crucially evaluate information.
Children will learn to use technology safely and sensibly to prepare them to contribute to and
     shape a changing world.
7.  Children will be healthy, happy and achieve their full potential.

What we value at Colden 

Having asked the children, parents, staff and Governors to provide us with 4 words for the things that we value most at Colden, the most popular were: aspiration, empathy, creativity and fun.

  • Aspiration -Nothing is impossible. There are no glass ceilings on learning. Being the best you can be whatever you are doing
  • Empathy - To understand and respect others’ beliefs and opinions. Learn that actions have an impact, both positive and negative. It’s ok to change your mind
  • Creativity - Being creative in our approaches to teaching and learning. Promoting creative thinking and innovation. There are no boxes to think outside of!
  • Fun- Learning will be fun. Childhood is fun