Colden is an Early Adopter School, which means we are following the new framework which will become statutory in September 2021. Click the link below to read our EYFS policy which explains this in more detail. 

In our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)  (Reception class), we follow a very broad and enriching curriculum which allows our pupils to immerse themselves in their learning.  Much of their early development is done through a self-directed approach. Work is planned around the 17 early-learning goals, 'ELG's. An EYFS profile is completed for each child, which summarises and describes children’s attainment at the end of the EYFS. 

It gives the child’s attainment in relation to the 17 ELG descriptors and a short narrative describing the child’s 3 characteristics of effective learning.

Staff assessments are primarily based on observing a child’s daily activities and events. In particular, we note the learning which a child demonstrates spontaneously, independently and consistently in a range of contexts. Our accurate assessment takes into account a range of perspectives including those of the child, parents and other adults who have significant interactions with the child. Reading, Writing and Maths development are a crucial part of early teaching at Colden.


Please find below the Colden Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 2021.