Emotional Health and Wellbeing

At Colden, we understand the central importance of looking after our emotional health and wellbeing. We work in partnership with Open Minds Calderdale (CAMHS) to bring specialist support and advice to staff and children to ensure this underpins all that we do. We are excited to be among the first schools to be involved in the Mental Health Support Team (MHST) Project.


Calderdale MHST has 3 key functions:

1. Delivering evidence-based interventions for mild-to-moderate mental health issues

2. Supporting schools and colleges to introduce or develop their whole school or college approach

3. Giving timely advice to school staff, and liaising with external specialist services, to help children and young people to get the right support


We are working in a hub model and Colden is part of the Upper Valley Hub. Claire Tooth is the rep for Colden Junior and Infant school. The reps are usually the first point of contact for the schools, but the hub model has created more opportunities for collaborative working within the MHST. It allows MHST practitioners to work together as a team to share practice, gain knowledge, offer hub-wide support across schools, and to utilise skills and time more effectively.

If you require information on how best to get emotional and wellbeing support for you and your family, please follow the links below or speak to someone in school.


Follow this link to download a 'My Self Care Plan' produced by the Anna Freud organisation. It is full of great ideas for how your child can look after their wellbeing.  My Self Care Plan

The Open Minds in Calderdale Website

The Open Minds website provides advice, information, support and signposting on local and national services that help children and young people who are going through a difficult time. www.openmindscalderdale.org.uk

There is support specifically for children moving between phases or key stages o education - http://www.openmindscalderdale.org.uk/school-transition-support-2/

There is support for children undertaking exams:


Follow this link to find out more about the MHST and how it supports the children, parents and staff at Colden.


Calderdale CAMHS is now under the new name Open Minds partnership.

Open Minds (CAMHS) for specialist help and support around mental health. Age range: 5-18 years Contact details:www.calderdalecamhs.org.uk/how-to-refer/  Website details: www.calderdalecamhs.org.uk

Barnardo’s Positive Identities Service for those who identify as LGBTQ+ this offers specialist advice and support around sexual or gender identity. Age range: 8-21 years Contact details: 01422 371993 Website details: www.barnardos.org.uk/what-we-do/supportingyoung-people/LGBTQ


The BREW Project offers online bespoke 1:1 support sessions with a wellbeing officer or a 1-1 walk and talk service. Age range: 5-17 years Opening times: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Contact details: 01422 730015 Website details: support@invictuswellbeing.com


Kooth.com offers safe anonymous online counselling with a qualified professional. Age range: 10-25years Opening times: Mon-Fri, 12pm-10pm. Sat-Sun 6pm–10pm Contact details: www.kooth.com

Calderdale Young Carers

Calderdale Young Carers Service offers specialist advice and support on being a young carer. Age range: 8-18years Opening times: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Contact details: 01422 261208 or calderdaleyoungcarers@calderdale.gov.uk  Website details: www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/residents/healthand-social-care/young-people/young-carers/young-carersservice


The NHS is of course a good source of information and signposts you to what support is available.


Time Out Listening Line Offers the opportunity to get some simple advice and guidance about how to keep busy and reduce anxiety. The website offers a platform to have your say and get involved in the Time Out project. Age range: 10-19 years Contact details: 07418311736 (text to book an appointment) Website details: www.timeoutcalderdale.co.uk


ChatHealth offers a confidential and secure text messaging service to discuss physical health and emotional wellbeing support needs. Age range: school-aged children Opening times: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Contact details: 07480 635297

Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures Calderdale, COVID-19 support offers advice and support from specialist public health clinicians on any concerns you have relating to COVID-19, including worries about the return to school. Age Range: School-aged children Opening times: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Contact details: phone 030 33 309974 or text 07480 635297

Branching Out

Healthy Futures Calderdale, Branching Out is there for specialist advice and support around drugs and alcohol. Age range: 10-21 years Contact details: 01422 415550 (option 2) Website details: www.calderdalerecoverysteps.org.uk/branching-out

Active Calderdale

There are lots of free ideas and resources for how to stay healthy – both in ‘normal times’ and during lockdown. https://active.calderdale.gov.uk/

What is the 'norm' for anxiety and low mood

What is the 'norm' for anxiety and low mood